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Residential Care Unit for intellectually challenged above the age of 18. At the time of admission the person should not be more than 25 years old Respite Facility (short stay) with all necessary support and facilities like inputs on behavior, self care, vocational training and leisure activities. Day Support service provides individuals who live in the surrounding areas. They come for 5-8 hours during the day. The age of admission is 12 years and above

The Home aims to help the residents by

Providing a comfortable and healthy environment for them.

Maintaining their physical and mental health.

Imparting training to facilitate good work habits, teach vocational skills

To make them more acceptable in society by modifying their behaviour.

To help them become self-relient in their daily activities such as brushing, bathing, toileting, eating amongst others. 

Giving them the opportunity to nuture their talent in painting, singing and drama. 

Rehabilitating them to the main stream of the society.