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1. “I am extremely glad that I was able to visit your centre and seen the commitment of the staffs and the parents. The services here are very good it seems. Certainly the residents appear to be happy and that is the best indicator. It is also a clean and neat place. Anandalok has a wide responsibility in the district which I am confident it will fulfill through the Local Level Committee. 
Wishing a lot of success.”
Aloka Guha 
National Trust.

2. “I was really overwhelmed on visiting this campus. Was thoroughly impressed with the sincerity and devotion of the dedicated souls who are associated with the organisation & who are working whole heartedly and selflessly for the handicapped boys & girls.It is really very noble work which every human being who has been endowed with bounties of nature owes to those who are deprived. 
I wish them all the success & hope they will continue their efforts.”
Mr. H. K. Dwivedi
District Magistrate
North 24 Parganas.

3. “I am really impressed by the voluntary work of a few dedicated gentlemen to take care of such children. They are really doing services to the society – which cannot be valued. Inmates are also enjoying the stay is ample proof of arrangement. 
My best wishes to all concerned.”
Mr. N. K. Maitra
General Manager
Indian Oil Corporation
West Bengal State office.

4. “Thank you so much for your warm welcome and the residents music and dance.
We send you all best wishes in your efforts to care for the needy and to give value to their lives.” 
DATE-17th June 2004.
George N. Sibley
U. S. Consul General.

5. “I really enjoyed our visit and your wonderful hospitality. It is obvious the residents here are treated with Kindness and love. It is a lovely spot as well, full of color, light and life.
I wish you all the very best with your future plans which are certainly on the right trend.”
DATE-17th June 2004 
Lee aliss sibley, wife of U. S. Consul General.

6. “Anandalok” has been an experience by itself. Working for the disabled and rehabilitating them is an enormously challenging task. The management and staffs of Anandalok is doing an excellent job in caring for the mentally challenged, the happy faces of the children is indicative of the hard efforts of all who are behind them.
We wish the very best to Anandalok, may activities prosper further. ”
Mrs Jhuma Moitra
VRC for the Handicapped

7. “This is a great work which requires great devotion, patience and inner strength. The added effort to spread eco-friendly technology is equally commendable.
My compliments and best wishes.” 
DATE-07.01. 2007.
P K Mishra
District Magistrate
North 24 Parganas.